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About Beatha Síoraí

Beatha Síoraí was founded in January 19, 2006 as a guild of friends. Since it's inception, the we have undergone many changes, including a server transfer from Shadow Council to The Scryers in January of 2007. Recently, Beatha has undergone a new transformation to further our raiding experience, from a casual guild, to a raiding guild. Though we have been raiding since pre-BC days, our focus has shifted to raid progression more than ever.

Even with all these changes, however, we are still a guild of friends first and foremost and will always be. While we may have some support within the family for some role play or player versus player action we are a raiding guild.

We expect active commitment from our members, but we understand that different players have different play opportunities. We share, we always help each other, and we always respect others. As guild members, we are representatives of our entire group at every moment, in every encounter.If you are looking for a different sort of guild, please save yourself and us time and do not apply. If, however, this guild suits your desires for a supportive group of friends to experience end game content with, we welcome your application to Beatha Síoraí.

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